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My Bike at the CNE Bandshell

Lately I've been taking pictures of my bicycle at various spots along my cycling route as I bike Toronto (and Mississauga!). Today, FOTM Michael Lange suggested I bike to the CNE Bandshell and take a shot there. Perfect!

On my way to the CNE grounds, I decided to visit the William G. Davis Trail in Trillium Park and then ride around Ontario Place. It's always a little spooky as it feels like an amusement park that was suddenly abandoned and left to decay. In a sense, I guess that's exactly what it is. Here's a couple of shots from today's visit.

Next stop was the CNE grounds and a pic with the CNE Bandshell. Now, when I see the CNE Bandshell, I think about my conversation with Public Enemy's Chuck D, recorded there in the summer of 2019.

With my destination in sight, I had a problem. There was fencing around the CNE Bandshell and surrounding area. There was a Polar Winter Festival and it wasn't open to the pubic. What to do, what to do...

I went up to the fence and waved down a security guard. He came over, and I kindly asked him if I could enter the grounds, take a quick picture, and make like a tree and get out of there. He told me if I did it quickly and left immediately afterwards, I could get my pic. It was a Boxing Day miracle!

With my mission accomplished, I decided to snap a few more pictures of my bike at CNE landmarks, including Scadding Cabin, the oldest known surviving house in Toronto. It's been around since 1794.

Sometimes it's fun to pretend you're a tourist visiting your own city for the first time.

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