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Ben Johnson: Toronto Mike'd Podcast Episode 1474

In this 1474th episode of Toronto Mike'd, Mike chats with Ben Johnson about running 9.79 at the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, being disqualified and stripped of his medal, living with this shame, and surviving to find happiness. Mary Ormsby joins us to answer the burning question "can a guilty person be done dirty on the world's stage".

We talked about his early years of training, being coached by Charlie Francis, setting the world record of 9.83 in Rome at the World Championships in Rome, running 9.79 at the Olympics in Seoul in 1988, testing positive for anabolic steroids, getting stripped of his gold medal and world record, why he believes he was denied due process and set up to fail, appearing in the Cheetah energy drink ad with Frank D'Angelo, becoming a grandfather and saving for retirement in Jamaica. This episode is exactly 1:40:19.

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