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April 2022 Cycling Stats

I closed out April 2022 with a great 42 km ride up Royal York and across Eglinton to West Deane Park. Then, noodling the streets of Etobicoke before picking something up off Burnhamthorpe just west of the 427. The weather was perfect.

That put me at 948.07 km for the month of April, the most KMs I've ever biked in the month of April. Here's a decade of April bike rides:

2013: 7.7 km
2014: 291.72 km
2015: 542.78 km
2016: 653.96 km
2017: 678.68 km
2018: 760.95 km
2019: 917.08 km
2020: 0 km
2021: 868.79 km
2022: 948.07 km

My 2022 total (so far!) is 2929.65 km. If I stay healthy, I should hit my 2022 target of 10,000 km. Here are my yearly totals since I started biking again in 2012.

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