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Give Swiftys a Little More Credit, Taylor

I live with a Swifty, so I was hearing the new Taylor Swift album on Friday morning before school. It's called The Tortured Poets Department, and 31 songs in total were dropped. There's one that's a bit of a riddle in terms of who it's about, but if you listen to the clues, you can pretty much figure out it's about Kim Kardashian.

Taylor doesn't seem to trust that Swiftys will figure this one out, because she's stylized the title as "thanK you aIMee". The only characters capitalized are K-I-M. Pretty tough to miss who this song is about now, eh?

Here's "thanK you aIMee", the song about Kim.

If that's my jeer, here's my cheer. Props to Taylor for putting both Ethan Hawke and Josh Charles from Dead Poets Society in the first video from The Tortured Poets Department. Something for the 'rents.

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