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Bike Mike vs. the Tow Truck Driver

Earlier today, following a very leisurely ride with the 6-year old, I went on a ride to visit my mom. This meant I'd do what I've done hundreds of times and head north on Royal York from Lake Shore.

Heading east on Lake Shore, that means a left hand turn onto Royal York. As I work my way east on Lake Shore from First Street, I ride on the right side of the right lane until close to Royal York where I safely signal and enter the left turning lane. Today, this procedure seriously pissed off a tow truck driver.

This tow truck driver started furiously honking at me before he swerved around me. Not only was it rude, it was dangerous. I broke out a move I literally only break out once every two or three years. I flipped him the bird.

He hit the red light at Royal York where I was waiting to turn left. That's when he opened his window and let me have it. "You shouldn't #$@&%*! be on the #$@&%*! road when there's a #$@&%*! bike lane for you on Lake Shore".

I looked him square in his very angry eyes and asked him one question. "How the hell am I supposed to turn onto Royal York from Lake Shore?"

His reply? "Stay off the #$@&%*! road!"

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