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18 Months Straight of Cycling 500+ KM

Yesterday, I surpassed 500 KM of biking for August. I currently sit at 508.97 KM for the month.


That's 18 consecutive months of clearing 500 KM. The last time I fell short was February 2016 when I only managed to ride 482.65 KM. I'm blaming mother nature.

Since I started biking again after an inexplicable 15 year break, I've almost pedaled 30,000 KM. In fact, I should reach that milestone later this month. Here are my yearly totals since I got back on the saddle.


Every KM I've ridden has been on a hybrid bike, without clipless pedals and biker shorts. During these 29,493 KM I've only had to bury one bike. If you have any questions about biking Toronto, ask away in the comments.

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