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Full Unedited Interview with CityNews vs. What They Aired

Yesterday was a long, interesting day. After I got the kids up and off to summer camp and daycare, I recorded an episode of Hebsy on Sports with Mark Hebscher before biking to meet a client at Bay and Front, visiting Kevin Frankish at his uptown apartment, grabbing a drink with my wife and checking out the Jays at the dome. On my way to the dome I was pulled over, so to speak, by a reporter with CityNews.

Here's the footage that aired on the 6pm and 11pm news yesterday.

An insider at CityNews shared with me the full raw footage of my interaction with the reporter. I thought it might be interesting to share what made the news with what they had to work with. Please note, I never really knew what I was supposed to focus on in the video they showed me, and it wasn't until I got home at 10:45pm that I finally saw the cyclist dragging the poor guy to the ground.

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