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Twitter Is Killing RSS Readers

I started "getting" Twitter back in November 2008.  I'm sure some of you beat me to the punch, but most of you probably strolled in after that date or still don't get it.  At the time, I wrote about Twitter as an RSS alternative. If you're following a publisher who
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5 Funny People I Follow on Twitter

I follow 227 people on Twitter.  That number fluctuates as I experiment with finding the ideal balance.  Some people I follow because I know them in the real world, some people I follow because they're subject matter experts in subjects I care about, some people I follow because they're like-minded
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The Jerk Way to Unfollow in Twitter

Most of you aren't on Twitter.  I happen to like Twitter.  My favourite times to tweet are during hockey games I'm watching.  There's an entire community of hockey fans communicating in real-time and it definitely adds a valuable element to the experience.  It makes a great thing even better. I
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Toronto Blog Watch

As you can imagine, I try to keep my good eye on the Toronto blogosphere.  That's why I raised a Spockian eyebrow when I saw @TOblogwatch pop up on Twitter. Toronto Blog Watch promises "Observations and commentary about the Toronto blogosphere."  Sounds good to me!  It looks like whoever is
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My Twitter DM Spam Episode

I have 1198 followers on Twitter.  Earlier today, I sent a direct message to each and every one of them. To clarify, I didn't intentionally send a DM to each of my followers, but a DM was sent to each from me claiming I had made $424.23 online today
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Iran's Twitter Revolution #iranelection

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad won the 2009 Iranian presidential election with 62.63% of the popular vote.  At least, that's what the "official" results show.  Mir-Hossein Mousavi will tell you he had 62.63% of the popular vote. Thousands gathered in protest, and the Iranian government responded by restricting all journalists working
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