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The Jerk Way to Unfollow in Twitter


Most of you aren't on Twitter.  I happen to like Twitter.  My favourite times to tweet are during hockey games I'm watching.  There's an entire community of hockey fans communicating in real-time and it definitely adds a valuable element to the experience.  It makes a great thing even better.

I honestly don't care who's following me on Twitter or how many people are following me.  I know it's 1,683 because I just checked, but that number means nothing to me.  I primarily tweet to join in the #nohabsno and #throwthesnake fun.

I once read about a service that sends you an email every time someone unfollows you on Twitter.  It tells you who unfollowed you, and what tweet pushed them over the edge.  I always thought that was the worst service in the world, because followers on Twitter are always going to come and go and, unlike with Facebook, they're usually not your friends.  They're usually people you don't know in the real world.

A tweet just hit my Twitter stream from a Chris Gingerich.  Chris has 28 followers, tweets as @chriscrisco and claims to love hockey.  Chris decided to unfollow me today, which is his prerogative, but he didn't do what I do and simply unfollow gently into that goodnight.  Chris unfollowed the jerk way.


If you don't want to follow someone, simply unfollow them.  That's the joy of Twitter.  Don't do what Chris did.  Don't be a complete jerk about it.

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