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Mandy Muffin is a Lost Cause but Mz Kitty Demure Gets It


While I enjoyed this afternoon's semi-final matchup between Canada and Switzerland at the World Junior Hockey Championship, I kept my laptop at bay to take a real-time pulse of the nation.  That's why I love Twitter, you're connected to hockey fans throughout the country and can engage and interact as it happens.

Part of my battle against Pepsi and their Cheer Nation campaign involves saving the souls of those Canadians who have bought into Pepsi's program.  One such Twitter user is Ms. Mandy Muffin from Mississauga.

From Ms. Mandy Muffin's Twitter profile, we learn quite a bit about her.  How do I get me one of them panty seller jobs?

Official Mandy Muffin Twitter Page! Amatuer (sic) Porn Model, Camgirl, PhoneSex Operator & Panty Seller

Before you jump to conclusions, no I don't follow Ms. Mandy Muffin.  I do subscribe to an RSS feed of a Twitter search for the keywords "Pepsi" and "cheer" and that's how I found Ms. Mandy Muffin.  Check out this trifecta of tweets.


Clearly Ms. Mandy Muffin is Pepsi's target audience.  She's bought their awful, unnecessary and offensive cheer hook, line and sinker.  Naturally, I felt a need to reply to her micro Pepsi ads.


Ms. Mandy Muffin wasn't happy.  She quickly replied.


I'm still confused by her "proud Canadian" comment.  Was she suggesting that I'm not a proud Canadian because I don't want her tweeting and chanting for Pepsi?  I replied.


And that just riled her up, as she began rubbing my face in Pepsi's cheer.


Luckily for me, I was defended by none other than Mz Kitty Demure who claims it's all about the music, the sports and the burlesque!


And you thought Twitter was for nerds.

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