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Share Pictures via Twitter with Flickr


When you've got your mobile smart phone and you want to share a picture via Twitter, there's always been a few options.  You can use Twitpic or TweetPhoto or Twitgoo, but if you're like me, you want to use the photo sharing service you're already using.  For me, that's Flickr.

Flickr now makes it easy to Twitter your Flickr photos.  I set it up last week and tweeted this pic from my walk to James Gardens last weekend and this pic of my recent Scrabble domination.  It just works, and if you're a Flickr user and a Twitter user, it makes sense you set it up and give it a whirl.

Setting it up is easy.  Choose Twitter from the Flickr add a blog page and follow the steps to authorize posting to Twitter. Then, save the address in your mobile device.


Flickr remains the only web service I actually pay for.  Their new Flickr2Twitter integration just makes a great service better.

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