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The Dog-Eat-Dog World of the Toronto Twittersphere


It's a jungle out there.  You need thick skin to tweet  in the ever-vicious Twittersphere, especially when representing the T.Dot.

Yesterday evening, as I checked the news in my RSS feeds, I learnt Ho-Lee-Chow had gone out of business.  I deemed the subject matter blog-worthy, so I blogged about it.  Every blog entry automatically becomes a tweet, so I also tweeted about it.

That's when she struck.  @TorontoViewer shot me down with this deadly tweet.


That's right, folks.  CP24 beat me to Ho Lee Chow punch by a whole two hours.  By the time my silly little tweet hit hit the Twittersphere, it was 120 minute old news.

Umm... thanks, @TorontoViewer, for the shame spiral.

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