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Kypreos on TSN: Tweet of the Year Candidate


I was sitting in a Tim Hortons when the PPP guys started tweeting about Nick Kypreos' tweet.  I'm sure in time we'll simply refer to it as "The Tweet".

Kypreos tweeted about Bryan McCabe going to the Rangers, and TSN's Darren Dreger quickly followed that by tweeting no deal was done.  That led Kyper (I prefer Kypper) to tweet "I'm confident it will get done. Those fuckers at tsn try to discredit me all the time. I'm really pissed! As always, thanks for yo...".


I'm loving this TSN ~ Sportsnet war!  And I'm loving the excuse to post this picture of Nick Kypreos grabbing my ass!

Jim Peplinski, Nick Kypreos, Stew Gavin and me

[Tweet cap via Pension Plan Puppets]

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