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Miley Cyrus Deletes Twitter Account, Raps About it on YouTube


I've been out of the house most of the day, so I completely missed the big news.  Miley Cyrus, hero to young females everywhere thanks to her Hannah Montana persona, has deleted her Twitter account.  She had over two million followers, but decided she didn't need the PR tool.

Of course, when one goes private and decides to delete a powerful social networking account, it's only natural that they rap about it on YouTube.  That's exactly what Miley did.  Here's her "Goodbye Twitter" homemade rap video.

If I were trying to make a living as a public figure, promoting movies, albums, tours and merchandise, I wouldn't go deleting my Twitter account with over two million followers.  Last time I checked, it was the Twitter account owner who controlled what they tweeted.  It's a tremendous PR channel.

And if I did have an epiphany and wanted to live life privately, which would require a career change for poor ol' popular Miley, I probably wouldn't record an awful rap song about it and put it on YouTube.  That's likely to draw a little attention methinks.

Kids these days...

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