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Toronto Mike'd Podcast Episode 275: Jarvis Kicks Out the Jams!

In this 275th episode, Mike and his 3-year-old son play and discuss his ten favourite songs. This episode is exactly 32:56. You can listen to this episode in a variety of ways: Subscribe in iTunesListen via Google Play MusicListen via StitcherFollow on tuneinSubscribe directly to the feed at https:
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Bluegrass Brunch in New Toronto

You don't normally consider your local billiard hall when thinking about brunch, but I was intrigued by the Sunday morning bluegrass brunch I saw promoted at NTB Lakeshore. NTB Lakeshore is on Lake Shore between Fifth and Sixth Streets. A live band played cool bluegrass music while we enjoyed all-you-can-eat
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Too. Much. Cuteness.

I'm a very lucky guy. I have four amazing children. My youngest, who is now four months old, is also going to be my last. The next time I'm caring for a child this size, I'll be a grandfather, so I'm really trying to soak this in. Every day I'm
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I Choose Hockey

Fewer and fewer kids are playing hockey these days. It's a fairly expensive game and there are plenty of other, often safer, options. Neither of my nephews play hockey. It's no longer a surety that a Canadian kid will strap on the skates each week and chase a puck. I
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