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Broken Baby

I've broken several bones in my life, the first being my leg in a grade two school playground accident. I was in a cast and on crutches for six weeks.

I've been a father for almost 22 years, and have four children, but none had ever broken a bone. That was true when I awoke this morning, but no longer. My youngest ended the streak in wild fashion by breaking her arm in two places, resulting in a rather disturbing unnatural bend. She's also in grade two and this was also a playground accident.

The henna is from this weekend's Fallfest - the fucked up arm is from the monkey bars

She's been very brave throughout this ordeal, even though they had to put her under for a "procedure" where they reset the arm.

Morgan ready for her procedure

Earlier in the day, she was racing in the regional cross country final at Centennial Park. What a day for sweet baby Morgan.

This was Morgan earlier in the day
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