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The Alphonso Davies Goal

Forget what we now know. Forget that Croatia beat Canada in today's World Cup match. Forget that we've been eliminated from contention, and will not advance past this stage. Forget all of that.

In the second minute of the game, 67 seconds in to be precise, something happened that had never happened before. In Canada's fifth ever men's World Cup match, Alphonso Davies scored a brilliant goal on a wonderful cross from Tajon Buchanan. It's the first goal for Canada's men's team ever. It was quite the moment.

I watched this historic moment from our hotel in Montreal, surrounded by my wife and four kids. In that unprecedented moment, we dared believe we could upset Croatia, and carry that momentum into our match against Morocco on Thursday, and ride our two wins into the next stage. We shed tears of joy, with huge smiles on our faces.

That's what I'll remember. Finally, a goal for Canada. In 1986, I didn't watch the World Cup. Soccer wasn't even on my radar. Now I get to enjoy Canada in the World Cup with my brood. Maybe next time, we'll even win.

For now, we have the Alphonso Davies goal, and it was glorious.

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