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Pinery Provincial Park Camping Trip 2022

First things first... is it The Pinery or Pinery? I've been camping at this provincial park on the shores of Lake Huron since I was 17, and I've always referred to it as The Pinery, but apparently it's just Pinery Provincial Park. Regardless, this is where I took the two youngest kids this past week. I traded in my bike for a Nissan Armada, but more on that here.

Accompanying me on this trip were my two youngest children. Let the record show, I invited my two older children, but both had to work. I also invited my wife, but she too had to work. Thankfully, the two little ones are unemployed moochers who were all too happy to keep Papa Bear company.

Our home away from home - ready for setup!

Other than a good pouring of rain on Sunday afternoon, mother nature shone upon us and blessed us with ideal weather. Sunny, warm and wonderful. We crammed a lot into a short period of time.


We rented a canoe and rowed the Old Ausable Channel. Amazing!



The swimming in Lake Huron is always great. Trips to the beach were frequent.


We call these hikes, but with a six year old and an eight year old, they're more accurately walks along the trials.


The sunsets from the southern shores of Lake Huron are the very best this province has to offer. Regardless of cloud coverage, we make it a point to visit the beach ever night to soak it all in.


After we return from the sunset on Lake Huron, it's time for a campfire. I could sit by the fire all night. Of course, the kids are just as excited about the s'mores. Fires never photograph well, but trust me these were epic.

Campfire time!

We'll be back again next summer.

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