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Here are recent comments left on this site you may have missed.  All of these comments were left within the past five weeks.

Hey Leafs Fans!
Come down to Yonge-Dundas Square in Toronto on Thursday, October 9 to celebrate the first game of the Toronto Maple Leafs 2008-09 season. There will be an outdoor, big-screen broadcast of the regular season game between  the Leafs and the Detroit Red Wings. A lucky fan (19 years and older) will also have the chance to win Seasons Tickets for the 2009-10 Leafs season in the Smirnoff Ice box at Air Canada Centre. The festivities start at 12 noon, so come by for your chance to win and cheer on the Leafs!
~ Laura, The Force Is Strong With This One
P.S.  I just looked at their financial statements and, no surprise, learned that they are making money hand over fist.  Moreover, I learned that the majority shareholder is the Pritzker family which is one of the wealthiest in the US. Penny Pritzker is a major fundraising organizer for Obama... the things you learn.
~ Malene, I Hate Ticketmaster
These turds followed me around for over a month trying to get me to sign the release.  The one-eyed asshole in my studio gave me a hint at how bad it was going to be.  I didn't receive a dime BTW.
I've never seen it; everybody I know has and I haven't heard one good word about it.
So, how much of it was funded by the Government of Canada? :)
~ Stafford, Let's All Hate This Documentary
Thank you so much for the picture of the gouge in the door. You have no idea how much better you just made my project. :) I've been looking for what seems like ages for a picture of it.
~ Michelle, Reznikoff Haunts
Commander Tom's hairy menagerie included Furry Bunny Creature, Mattie the Mop, Cici & Cecily & Fripple, Ogleston Moose, and "the lovable Dustmop & Flo Sweetley!
Don't forget my old personal friend "BadHead too"!
~ Thom, The Commander Tom Show
This company has scammed too many of us. Does anyone know how to start a class action law suit against Prima World Wide including Vic Wasyluk and Frank Macri?  Perhaps we togethar can get some satisfaction, or at least put them out of business.
~ Pissed Off In Michigan, Don't Mess With Denyse in Qualicum Beach, BC
Hi all,
It's me, Stu. Before I say anything else, I want you all to know that your kind words and support mean the world to me. I am truly humbled (I know..weird choice of words) and I can't put into words how it feels to know I've made a connection with you all and we've never met! Thank you so very much!
My departure from EZ Rock was a business decision (NOT mine) and I have to respect that. I like Howard and Kim, don't know Rick personally but hear that he's a good man, and, of course, I love and miss Colleen each and every day. I also miss sharing stories with all of you and hope that someday soon we'll re-connect over the air again.
I'm on Facebook (just search 'Stu Jeffries'). Please, drop me a line so we can keep in touch, okay?Thank you again for your kindness. I'm touched beyond words.
~ Stu Jeffries, Humble Howard Returns To Morning Radio on EZ Rock 97.3
A coworker hates the Blue Jays and the Toronto Maple Leafs. When she is on holidays we intend to teach her a lesson and decorate her cubicle with photos of both teams.
I also want to load an mp3 of the Ok Blue Jays song onto her computer and program it so that it starts playing every time she boots up.
Can someone please send me this mp3?
And are there any Toronto Maple Leafs songs that we could do this with too? If so please send me those mp3 files too.
You can email them to
~ Jim, OK Blue Jays (Let's Play Ball!)
These are my favorites characters as well, but I would put Tobias as my # 1. He was is one the most underrated actors of our generation. Then Chris, then Vern, then the rest. This was absolutely my favorite show, and I saw all six years when I was 16. It is a masterpiece. Why did you pick the order of the characters that you did? RSVP.
~ Kristen L. Reed, My Favourite Characters  From HBO's Oz
OPRAH ... from spending several years in Jeremiah Wright's anti-American racist church, listening to sermons like "God Damn America", and giving life time achievement awards to the likes of Louis Farrakhan ... to her newest opportunistic religious beliefs ... who could possibly take Oprah seriously? This woman's ego is soooo big, being a billionaire celebrity isn't enough, she has to start her own religion ... not to mention all the additional money she is going to make selling all those book, tapes, CD's, etc. to her poor followers. Oprah's new power hungry ambitions include efforts to replace traditional America with Obama ... and access to a President she puts into office ... to her efforts at replacing Christianity with a new religion she controls. I think it's time for America to deny Oprah access to our television sets.
~ Howard, The Cult of Oprah
Hey, Jim is such a great guy. I can't wait to show this web site to him. He will get a kick out of it.  Any questions you want to ask him?
~ Sandy, Jim Clancy: An Original Jay
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