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The Wire Title Cards Applied to the Rob Ford Saga

...and all the pieces matter. - Freamon


Piece by piece, a wild but true story is being told with Toronto's city hall at the epicentre. Almost daily more details emerge. This video was released just over an hour ago. (NSFW due to language.)

Link to video

Call it a crisis of leadership. - Proposition Joe


Rob Ford lost the majority of council long ago, but now he's lost those in his inner circle. With zero integrity and no moral authority to lead, he's literally in the way. Toronto currently has no leader.

We fight on that lie. - Slim Charles


Ford Nation reminds me of America's Tea Party. If it's a lie, they fight on that lie. I have otherwise sensible friends who devour every lie Rob Ford tells despite evidence to the contrary. With these blind followers, it's more about being with Rob Ford than being right.

You play in dirt, you get dirty. - McNulty


Until Rob Ford takes accountability for his poor decisions and harmful actions, this saga will continue. Rob Ford has his hands dirty and it soils us all. It's difficult to say it any better than Jimmy McNulty said it.

A lie ain't a side of a story. It's just a lie. - Terry Hanning


For months Rob Ford has been lying through his teeth with no regard for the reputations he tarnished and the integrity he cost himself and his esteemed office. Historically this has been Rob Ford's move: lie and deny until faced with absolute proof and then deflect and blame the messenger. But Rob Ford's lies aren't a side of the story, they're just lies. And lies cannot live.

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A Small Wrinkled-Ass Paper Bag for Trinity Bellwoods Park

A Small Wrinkled-Ass Paper Bag for Trinity Bellwoods ParkOffiicials are going to crack down on alcohol consumption in Trinity Bellwoods Park. That got me thinking about Major Bunny Colvin and his paper bag monologue during the second episode of the third season of The Wire.

Here it is if you're unfamiliar with The Greatest Show On Television, Ever™.

And if a small wrinkled-ass paper bag isn't available, a tallboy fits perfectly in a Tim Horton's extra large cup.


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It's Funny Because It's True

the wireI didn't see Family Guy last night, but I'm told it included this bit about Breaking Bad and The Wire.

In case YouTube pulls the clip, it's Peter Griffin being hypnotized to say "Breaking Bad is the best show I've ever seen, except maybe The Wire. I will never stop talking about Breaking Bad or The Wire".

I enjoy Breaking Bad, but it's not the show I recommend to everyone I meet. That show would be The Wire, The Greatest Show On Television, Ever™.

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The Wire: The Musical

the wireThe Greatest Show On Television, Ever™ made its debut on HBO ten years ago, and they're finally giving us fans what we've been asking for.

A musical!

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Final Thoughts on The Wire (For A While)

the wireI recently finished watching The Wire for a second time. I thought I'd throw down some final thoughts while it's all still fresh.

First and foremost, I was as riveted the second time as I was the first time, and the first time I thought it was the greatest television show I'd ever watched. I really like Breaking Bad and Mad Men, but they both feel watered down and boring next to The Wire. Watching The Wire demands my complete attention, because it's not dumbed down and some of the accents require great focus. No other show forces me to shut out the rest of the world the way The Wire does. When I'm watching, there's no checking email or Twitter or thinking about my 'to do' list. It's just me and Baltimore.

I love how it grabs a hold of me and refuses to release me until episode 60 ends. I love keeping track of the dozens and dozens of characters, rooting for my favourites and against my least favourites, even when I know exactly what's going to happen. There's no other series like The Wire... no other series goes as deep, is written with such texture and performed with such consistent excellence.

Ok, enough raving. You get it, I love The Wire. I plan to watch it a third time with my son in three years, and I can't wait. I already miss Omar, Bubbles, Slim Charles, Bunk, Avon, McNulty, Cutty, Freamon and yes, even Wee-Bey. I miss 'em all.

After round two, here's how I'd rank the seasons:

  1. Season 4
  2. Season 3
  3. Season 1
  4. Season 2
  5. Season 5

My favourite characters? That's crazy tough, but it might just be:

  1. Omar
  2. McNulty
  3. Bubbles
  4. Cutty
  5. Freamon
  6. Bunk
  7. Bodie
  8. Bunny
  9. Sobatka
  10. Slim Charles

How did I leave the kids off of that list? You can't do a top ten list of characters on The Wire, you need to do a top 50. Next time...

the wire

I love a good story. The Wire is hundreds of amazing stories interwoven with a common thread. There's no other show like it.

Two questions for you:

  1. Have you seen The Wire?
  2. If yes, name a series you enjoyed more so I can watch it immediately.

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Cutty: Reformed and Respected

the wireI'm ploughing my way through The Wire a second time. I should wrap up season four this weekend. Dare I say The Greatest Show On Television, Ever™ is even better the second time?

The first time around, I listed my ten favourite characters on The Wire, but that list will be different this time around. This time, guys like Dennis "Cutty" Wise are earning my respect.


Cutty is the poster boy for reformation, a legendary soldier back in the day who comes out of The Cut after serving fourteen years to learn the game ain't in him no mo'.

Cutty isn't just reformed, he's respected. I love this scene with Cutty, Avon and Slim Charles.

I have a few things to say about Slim Charles, too... but I've got more watching to do first.

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It's All In The Game

the wireIt's been almost two years since I finished my first viewing of The Wire, a.k.a, The Greatest Show On Television, Ever™.

A couple of days later, I was asking where the hell I go from there. Watching The Wire pretty much ruined television for me. Since then, I've found exactly two series that came even close: Mad Men and Breaking Bad. I refer to Breaking Bad as The Greatest Show On Television Next To The Wire™.

Over the Xmas holidays, I dove back into The Wire. I'm almost done season two. It's just as good the second time around, even knowing exactly what's going to happen. It's like going back to life school, as you can easily map the political bullshit oozing from the Baltimore police department and corners to your own cubical jungle. My 2011 was The Wire without the guns and drugs, but you won't read about that in the archives.

Omar, my favourite television character of all-time, said it best. It's all in the game, yo.

After all, a man's gotta have a code.

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The Greatest TV Show in the History of the World Is...

tvNo question, it's The Wire. Trust me. If you've seen The Wire, I'm 100% sure you'll agree.

And if you've seen The Wire, you'll love this blog I just discovered. It's called Wire Inspire, and the site's "about" description says it all.

Everything I need to know, I learned from five seasons of the greatest show on television.

I now have two questions to ask myself before making a decision: What Would Wendel Do and What Would Omar Do.


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Which TV Show Has Cast the Most The Wire Alumni?

wireAttention fellow Wire fans. This insight is courtesy of

Last night was the premiere of season two of Treme, stocked once again with its wealth of alumni from David Simon's last series, The Wire. But seeing all these welcome familiar faces is hardly a freak occurrence on television these days: Ever since The Wire went off the air in 2008, many dramas have been plundering its credits to cast their shows, whether for full-time roles or guest spots. But, we wondered, which series has used the most Wire actors? We decided to find out, with two rules: We only noted roles cast since The Wire finished its run, and only counted shows that have used at least five alums — sorry, CSI:NY (3) and In Plain Sight (4) — in order to focus on those series that exhibit true respect. Which show do you think has the highest tally? Watch on to see.

If you managed to get passed that ridiculous cheese ad, you learnt that Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and The Good Wife tied with 11 Wire actors each. Here's the final standings:


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The Wire's Snoop Arrested - Excuse to Revisit Hardware Barn

the wireFelicia “Snoop” Pearson from The Wire was arrested earlier today during a drug raid in Baltimore.

When Snoop hits the news, it's a great excuse to revisit her trip to the Hardware Barn to buy a nail gun.

I love that scene.

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