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The Wire Title Cards Applied to the Rob Ford Saga

...and all the pieces matter. - Freamon


Piece by piece, a wild but true story is being told with Toronto's city hall at the epicentre.  Almost daily more details emerge. This video was released just over an hour ago. (NSFW due to language.)

Link to video

Call it a crisis of leadership. - Proposition Joe


Rob Ford lost the majority of council long ago, but now he's lost those in his inner circle.  With zero integrity and no moral authority to lead, he's literally in the way.  Toronto currently has no leader.

We fight on that lie. - Slim Charles


Ford Nation reminds me of America's Tea Party.  If it's a lie, they fight on that lie.  I have otherwise sensible friends who devour every lie Rob Ford tells despite evidence to the contrary.  With these blind followers, it's more about being with Rob Ford than being right.

You play in dirt, you get dirty. - McNulty


Until Rob Ford takes accountability for his poor decisions and harmful actions, this saga will continue.  Rob Ford has his hands dirty and it soils us all.  It's difficult to say it any better than Jimmy McNulty said it.

A lie ain't a side of a story. It's just a lie. - Terry Hanning


For months Rob Ford has been lying through his teeth with no regard for the reputations he tarnished and the integrity he cost himself and his esteemed office. Historically this has been Rob Ford's move: lie and deny until faced with absolute proof and then deflect and blame the messenger.  But Rob Ford's lies aren't a side of the story, they're just lies. And lies cannot live.

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