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Cutty: Reformed and Respected

the wire

I'm ploughing my way through The Wire a second time.  I should wrap up season four this weekend.  Dare I say The Greatest Show On Television, Ever™ is even better the second time?

The first time around, I listed my ten favourite characters on The Wire, but that list will be different this time around.  This time, guys like Dennis "Cutty" Wise are earning my respect.


Cutty is the poster boy for reformation, a legendary soldier back in the day who comes out of The Cut after serving fourteen years to learn the game ain't in him no mo'.

Cutty isn't just reformed, he's respected.  I love this scene with Cutty, Avon and Slim Charles.

I have a few things to say about Slim Charles, too... but I've got more watching to do first.

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