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Marigold Chimes In

It's not often I hear from Polka Dot Door's Marigold, but she just left a comment on this entry. Hi, I actually played Marigold on Polka Dot Shorts for the eight years it was being shot.It was pretty fun, you can get tapes at TVO. Patricia Ellingson is still
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Tom Slick

George of the Jungle and Tom Slick will be forever connected in my mind.  The other day I wrote about George of the Jungle, and ever since I've been hearing the Tom Slick intro in my head. It's a pretty simple tune, and maybe that's the appeal.  It's something I
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George of the Jungle

Earlier today, while I built yet another wonderful product from Ikea, I heard a familiar theme song in the background.  I heard the theme for George of the Jungle, only it was different than I remembered it.  I turned around and saw the kids were watching a modernized version of
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For years I had a favourite after school routine.  My best friend and I would go to his grandparents house and watch Thundercats. Hearing the intro theme song for the first time in years brings back a ton of memories.  It's a pretty cool tune, too, with some killer guitar.
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The Commander Tom Show

As a kid growing up in Toronto, there was always plenty of cartoon action on Saturday mornings, but Sunday mornings were a completely different story.  The stations were littered with church programming and news talk and the pickings for a kid were pretty slim.  As a result, Commander Tom was
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When Cookie Monster Was Green

This clip has been making the rounds this week.  It's old-school Sesame Street with Cookie Monster eating a computer. It's funny and all, but this Cookie Monster is quite different from the Cookie Monster I grew up with.  There are two significant differences: This Cookie Monster has sharp lookin' teethThis
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The Mighty Hercules

Lesley just left a comment on my entry about Rocket Robin Hood.  "Ah, memories! I was actually doing a search for the Barbapapas and came across your blog. Rocket Robin Hood was one of my favorite cartoons, too. And how about the Adventures of Hercules?" How about The Mighty Hercules!
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Jeremy The Bear's Theme Song

Nothing takes me back like the theme songs of the television shows I watched on TVOntario in the late 70s and early 80s.  I've already covered Barbapapa, Fables of the Green Forest and Dr. Snuggles, but my write up about Jeremy didn't include the obligatory YouTube video.  It's time I
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I recently wrote about The Fables of the Green Forest, a children's cartoon I used to watch on TVO in the late 70s and early 80s.  Lori left a comment on that entry asking if I remember Barbapapa.  Do I ever! I loved Barbapapa.  I thought the way they changed
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