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The Mighty Hercules

Lesley just left a comment on my entry about Rocket Robin Hood.  "Ah, memories! I was actually doing a search for the Barbapapas and came across your blog. Rocket Robin Hood was one of my favorite cartoons, too. And how about the Adventures of Hercules?"

How about The Mighty Hercules!  That was another cartoon from the 60s that aired on Global all the time in the 1980s.  My brothers and I watched an awful lot of The Mighty Hercules.  Herc had this magic ring that gave him super strength and he was always taking on the bad guys, usually Daedalus.  He had a hot girlfriend named Helena and was pals with Newton, a boy centaur.

I found a great clip but noticed Newton didn't sound like I remembered him sounding.  I remember this high pitched voice, sort of like Mickey Mouse.  He was always calling out "Herc, Herc!".  It turns out there two sets of voices for the characters, so some episodes have the Newton I remember and some have the Newton you'll hear in this clip.

By the way, the awesome theme song was sung by Johnny Nash.  Here it is...

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