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The Polka Dot Door


Lately I've done a lot of writing about TVOntario shows from my youth.  I've covered Jeremy the Bear, Barbapapa, The Fables of the Green Forest and Dr. Snuggles, but I've yet to cover the granddaddy of them all.  The TVO show I watched the most as a kid was Polka Dot Door.

There were certain constants in Polka Dot Door.

  • it was always hosted by a man and woman
  • they always chatted with four stuffed animals named Humpty, Dumpty, Marigold and Bear
  • there was always a time check with the grandfather clock
  • there was always a video that was shown after the camera exited one of the polka dots on the door
  • there was (almost) always a visit from Polkaroo which would only be witnessed by one of the hosts
  • when the host who missed Polkaroo realizes he missed the big guy, the catch phrase "Awww, I missed him again!" would be uttered

I always had fun trying to guess which polka dot on the door would be our path to the video.  I also loved the fact we were supposed to suspect the host who missed Polkaroo was in the Polkaroo costume.  Sure ya missed him again, wink-wink.

I think I caught this show every day as a toddler.  I was desperately searching for video of the opening theme, but I came up empty.  I did find a video set to the theme song, however, so this will have to do for now.

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