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I'm a Bear Called Jeremy


Thinking about watching "Star Wars" in the late 70s and early 80s triggered another memory that had been supressed for some time.  I've suddenly remembered Jeremy, the star of a stop-motion animated television show I used to watch on TVOntario.

I was super young when I used to watch Jeremy, but I clearly remember the theme song and can visualize Jeremy bouncing around on the moon.  In only a few minutes of Googling I found a number of Jeremy resouces thanks to this entry on a site called Drawn!.

Thankfully, someone is sharing an MP3 of the theme song I remember so well.  If you're about 30 years old and were raised in Ontario, give this a listen and prepare yourself for the flashbacks.

I'm a Bear called Jeremy,
I can do most anything,
I can play and I can sing,
Yes my name is Jeremy!

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