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Hammy Hamster

Hammy Hamster

I remember fondly being mesmerized by Hammy Hamster.  Hammy Hamster was the lead character in a television show entitled Hammy Hamster and he was indeed a hamster.  Not a cartoon hamster, but an actual hamster.  His best friend was G.P. who was a guinea pig and there were others.  These riverbank creatures had calming adventures and I was just psyched to see actual rodents performing.  It was very cool.

The creator of Hammy Hamster and the soothing voice who narrated the show was Paul Sutherland.  Paul passed away on May 15 at age 73.

I'd like to thank Paul Sutherland for a creation that entertained me immensely in my formative years.  I hope one day James and I can sit down and enjoy the adventures of Hammy Hamster and G.P. on the riverbank.  I'd like that very much.

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