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The Commander Tom Show

As a kid growing up in Toronto, there was always plenty of cartoon action on Saturday mornings, but Sunday mornings were a completely different story.  The stations were littered with church programming and news talk and the pickings for a kid were pretty slim.  As a result, Commander Tom was always a sight for sore eyes.

The Commander Tom Show aired on WKBW-TV in Buffalo, New York and starred WKBW-TV weatherman Tom Jolls as Commander Tom.  He'd host the show which featured kids shows, and although they were the runts of the kid show litter, they were fairly watchable.  I don't remember the names of the shows except for David and Goliath, a Christian-themed show about a boy and his talking dog.  "I don't know, Daaaaaveeey..."

I understand The Commander Tom Show aired for 26 years at various times and in various formats, but I'll aways remember him for airing cartoons on Sunday mornings.  Here's some footage of Commander Tom visiting a school in North Tonawanda.

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