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Dr. Snuggles, Friend To The Animal World


Last night a song entered my head.  That's not unusual, except this was a song that hadn't been in my head for at least 25 years.  In fact, at first I didn't know where it came from or whether it was an old memory or something I invented.

I sang it to Taryn, but she didn't know it.  The lyrics are "Dr. Snuggles, friend to the animal world."  When I closed my eyes, I could see the opening of a television I used to watch when I was very young.  I could even see the little tv in the basement of a house I lived in until 1983.

Naturally, I dropped by YouTube to see if anyone was sharing a clip of this Dr. Snuggles opening.  As luck would have it, they had it, and I felt so validated.  The show existed, I had the words right and I even nailed the tune.

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