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Vedder's Busy Makin' Music


Eddie Vedder's been busy with his solo stuff.  He's finishing some new music for the upcoming Sean Penn-directed film "Into the Wild" and an album of his songs is due in September.  Vedder likes to work on Penn films.  He's all over the "Dead Man Walking" soundtrack and he recorded a cover of the Beatles' "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away" for "I Am Sam."

Vedder has also contributed two new songs, "No More" and "Long Nights," to the documentary "Body of War", and he's recording his favourite Sonic Youth song for the compilation "Hits Are for Squares."

That's a whole lot of new Vedder, which is a very good thing, but when's the next Pearl Jam show?  When's the next Pearl Jam album?  It's cool to moonlight, but let's not forget the 9-5 that got you here.

Here's Ed Vedder and some guy performing Long Road on the 9/11 benefit telecast "America: A Tribute to Heroes".

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