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It's OK: From Dead Moon to Pearl Jam


If you're lucky, when you hear Pearl Jam perform "Daughter" live, they'll tag on "It's OK".  That's what they did in New York back in 2000, and the bootleg of this performance has been an iPod staple for me ever since.  It's also my current ring tone.

Here's Pearl Jam's Daughter / It's OK from Jones Beach State Park on August 24, 2000.  Appropriately enough, It's OK kicks in around 4:20.

I must have heard Eddie singing "It's OK" a million times before I learnt who he was covering.  The original belongs to Dead Moon and you can hear it below.

From Dead Moon to Pearl Jam, that's the incredibly under-appreciated It's OK.

It's okay, we've all seen better days
It's okay, you don't have to run and hide away
It's okay
It's okay, yeah we love you anyway.

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