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Pearl Jam - The Fixer


I'm submitting a song for SLS22 consideration.  I'm submitting "The Fixer" by Pearl Jam.

This catchy mofo from one of my favourite bands is a shoe-in for SLS, but I've got more pressing PJ issues to iron out.

As documented on my Pearl Jam in Toronto page, I've caught a Pearl Jam show the last 6 times they've come through town.  And yes, I'm counting the '98 show in Barrie as a local performance.  That means I haven't missed a Toronto Pearl Jam gig since September '96.

I didn't buy a ticket for the upcoming show at the Amphitheatre, as I had a hook-up.  When Yoda chose John Mellancamp over Eddie, a second hook-up materialized and I was set.  Now, it's looking like that one will fall through as well.

Is there a third hook-up possibility out there?

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