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Archie Andrews Dumps Veronica Lodge for Betty Cooper?!!!


I warned you not to fall for the Veronica trap.  The mad geniuses behind Archie Comics have decided to go completely crazy.

Despite the tide of public opinion, Archie proposed to Veronica in ARCHIE #600 and she accepted! Fans hoped that something would ruin the wedding plans and Archie would end up with Betty. In ARCHIE #601, not only did Archie and Veronica get married, but Archie joined Lodge Enterprises! Despite all of that, fans everywhere still agreed - Archie made the wrong choice. They didn't care that Archie and Veronica are happily married, that he has a good job and that they have twins. It didn't matter what Archie wants, the fans want Archie to choose Betty!
Now Archie Comics will listen to the cry of fans around the world and in ARCHIE #603, Archie Andrews will propose to Betty Cooper!

Wait a minute... Archie has twins with Veronica?  And now he's changing his mind?

I'll bet Archie wakes up from this crazy dream in ARCHIE #602.

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