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Uninstall the Facebook App from your Smart Phone

I recently uninstalled the Facebook app from my Android phone, and all is well. In fact, things are better than ever. The Facebook app is a serious strain on the battery, even when you're not using it.

It turns out the mobile version of the Facebook website is just as good as the app. So I created a shortcut on my phone to the page for my custom Facebook list, which also allows me to conveniently bypass the Facebook algorithm. I highly recommend this, you can see more here.

So with a shortcut to the custom list page on instead of the app, it's not only easier on my battery, it elimnates the need to install a second Facebook app for the Messenger. Easy peasy.


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Merging Social Media Accounts

Over the past year we’ve seen the rebranding of several Toronto staples, namely the LCBO and the Beer Store. While the logos have only been affected so far, branding changes may spill over into their online profiles at some point. So if they want to rebrand their social media accounts they’ll have to make some technical changes so that their online followers can continue to keep up with the latest ‘booze’ news without missing a beat.



It got me thinking: how do you keep your online following after rebranding, or even merging? I’ve done some exploring on social media sites to find a solution. So when and if companies decide to rebrand or merge, subscribers can easily find them.

When you change your username on Twitter, it will also change your URL. And, you’re done. You can even change your name multiple times, if you’re indecisive. This is about as easy as it gets when it comes to merging or rebranding social media accounts.

Twitter is my preferred social media site, but most brands have multiple online presences and Facebook is almost always the next stop. When you want to change your address and name on Facebook, make sure you choose wisely. You only have one opportunity to do so. The same applies for vanity URLs.


LinkedIn makes it easy for companies to merge accounts or rebrand. All you have to do is change your company name in the settings area. Then LinkedIn will automatically update the URL to reflect your new name. Sometimes you will be left waiting, so feel free to contact the site if your URL has not been updated within a few days.


Remember: your company’s LinkedIn account is always associated with a person at your company. So make sure that the creator is a long-term member of the team. Managing LinkedIn pages is usually left up to a digital marketing professional, but creating the page should always be done by the CEO or another permanent member of staff.

Google My Business (Formerly known as Google Places)
While you can change the name of your company, Google My Business does not offer a way for companies to change their vanity URL if a merger or rebrand has taken place. So you are stuck with the old one. As of now, the only change you can make is casing of the letters.

This is the only situation in which you will have to create a new page if you want to reflect the new brand. However, you can’t transfer reviews from an old page to a new one. With Google My Business, you are stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to merging or rebranding.

Other Accounts
After tackling the big online presences, it is a good idea to claim accounts for your new brand on other social media sites. While Pinterest and Instagram may not be everyone’s cup of tea, you may want to have these accounts handy for future use. Who knows? Maybe, someday, Pinterest may be a great fit for marketing your brand or next new product.

For Mergers: Which Account To Keep?
Since there is no way to actually combine two social media accounts, you’ll have to pick which one you want to move forward with. This usually comes down to choosing the account with more followers. Then on the other account, be sure to redirect all of those followers to the newly rebranded page.

Changing and merging your social media account settings is the easiest part of a rebrand or merger. It should only take a few days to update your accounts to make sure that you maintain your web presence and social authority.

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Using Social Media Right - ABC Reaches Out

giftA few days ago I wrote about Hulu not letting me stream Jimmy Kimmel's tribute to his Uncle Frank. Hulu only works in America, you see, and I think that's a pity.

Earlier today, I received an email from Lucy who works for Jimmy Kimmel Live. During our brief exchange, Lucy thanked me for mentioning the show on this blog and asked me for my mailing address so they could send me a token of their gratitude. Lucy seemed sincerely grateful for the promotion and now I'm curious as all hell as to what she's sending me.

That, my friends, is social media at its finest. Jimmy Kimmel Live reached out to a blogger who referenced the show, and now I'm drenched in warm fuzzies. It was completely unexpected and unnecessary, but this little gesture will carry a lot of weight.

I'll let you know what they send me when it arrives. I hope other big companies are taking notes...

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In Search of the Right Social Media Share Button Balance

justiceI'm a big fan of social media sharing, Twitter in particular. When somebody finds an interesting, funny, insightful or informative entry (like this one!), I'd like it to be easy to share the article with friends and followers. That's where social media share buttons come into play.

They're everywhere these days. Most entries have a button or two (or three or four) to Like in Facebook, Tweet via Twitter, share via Buzz and submit to Digg, Reddit, delicious (if they're still around) or Stumbleupon. In addition, there's often an option to email, print, subscribe via RSS and something called "comment". That's right, you can actually comment on an entry without actually leaving the site. What an age we live in...

The problem with every blog / site having the aforementioned 11 buttons is clutter. That's a lot of buttons tied to every entry, and if you throw in the title, date, author, categories and tags, there's not much room left for the actual entry itself. The challenge is to find the right social media share button balance.

For the longest time I did without any social media share buttons on the home page and permalinks. Recently, I started playing with a Tweet button, and watched it do its magic when I posted Sarah Palin's Target Map last weekend. Today, I'm going to try something new on the home page.


Every entry will conclude with four simple calls to action: Permalink, Comment, Tweet or Like. So please start using them, should I actually write something you deem worthy of sharing with your Facebook friends or Twitter followers. In the meantime, I'll keep tweaking. Gotta find that balance...

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Want Me To Promote Your Social Media PR Campaign? Send Chocolate

m&msM&M's have a contest going on called Find Red. You can go to for a chance to win a Red smart fortwo car and other great prizes.

That link cost M&M's a bunch of chocolate. M&M's to be precise. The amount of product likely cost them pennies, but they put it in such a nice package and sent it via courier to me. How could I refuse?

Look what just arrived...

I now know my price - free chocolate and I'll sing like a canary

The actual Find Red contest is pretty complex. Here's a copy and paste from the letter they sent me.

Participants can use a version of the Google Maps Street View API to look for three virtual Toronto locations where Red is hidden. To help with the search, the M&M’S® characters will seed clues to Red’s whereabouts on various social media channels including; follow on Twitter using the hashtag #FindRed; on leaving clues; through barcodes of participating M&M’S® products through; and local wild postings each containing a QR code (18 total), which release a Community Clue to find Red.

Got that? Now M&M's, I've done my part... send me more chocolate, please.

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Social Media 101 for Rick Hodge

facebookI don't think I heard a single minute of Roger, Rick & Marilyn when the team ruled mornings on 104.5 CHUM-FM. That was my mom's station, not mine. Rick Hodge, the Rick in Roger, Rick & Marilyn, was a guy I knew better from The Sunday Funnies, a comedy clip show that introduced me to a great deal of funny during my formative years.

The first time I met Rick, he was having what I would best describe as a hissy fit. I wrote about that episode in this entry, and then did something I hadn't done in 9525 entries. I removed the entire paragraph. After I wrote that entry, Rick and I exchanged several emails and it didn't take long for me to realize I had simply caught him on a bad day. In fact, it's entirely possible he had his worst moment with an embedded journalist in the room.

Life really is funny. You never know who you'll work with next. I was pleasantly surprised when Rick came to me for blogosphere consulting and I helped set him up with a new home for his editorializing. He's been doing a great job for weeks now at

Fast forward to this week. Rick Hodge and I are shooting the shit over coffee, talking about everything from Scott Norwood to the old Team 1050 (sorry Romy). It was an effortless convo that eventually turned to social networking. "I'm told I need to be on Facebook", he said.

I'll never forget how surprised Rick was to learn Facebook was free. In hindsight, I should have told him it there was a new account fee and charged him for it. I set Rick up on Facebook, handed over the keys and set him loose. He's learning... very, very slowly.

Rick's also on Twitter and you can follow him at He's got the keys to the Twitter account, too... but I'll bet he never tweets. Well, he'll tweet, because I've used Twitterfeed to auto-tweet his blog entries, but he won't know he's tweeting.

Former radio star Rick Hodge is now living in an alien world of blogging, Facebook and Twitter. He's forgiven if he feels compelled to throw another hissy fit.

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Toronto Blog Stars (Or Kids Today and Their Pangs for Fame)

TicketstubsA few Toronto bloggers are hosting an event they're calling The Guide to Social Media Success: The Ultimate How-To with the Toronto Blog Stars. As you'll see in the promo YouTube video below, it's featuring "the top three bloggers" in this city.

I must admit, I hadn't heard heard of Sean Ward before I saw that clip, and I only first heard of Casie Stewart earlier this year when I caught a Raymi tweet about her. Raymi I've known for years, having interviewed her not once, but twice. In 10 seconds, this Sean Ward guy comes across as such a pretentious douche bag I just broke my laptop screen trying to punch him in the face, but I digress...

What do you get from these Toronto Blog Stars for your $20? According to the Toronto Blog Stars registration page, you will learn everything you need to know about living the Blog Star lifestyle using blogging, Twitter, Facebook, and social networking, including:

  • how to get - and keep - the attention of movers and shakers in your industry
  • how to turn your everyday life into compelling content
  • how to brand yourself online
  • what programs and applications to use to host your site, keep track of your statistics, and promote yourself & your blog

Full props to these three Toronto bloggers for trying to make a little coin from kids today, desperately panging for some semblance of celebrity. If they can get a bunch of local blogger star wannabes to cough up $20 a pop for this content, good on 'em.

I invented compelling content. I have the attention of movers and shakers. I've branded myself online. If you want to learn all these things and more, I'll sing like a canary for $15, and I promise you'll never feel compelled to kick my ass.

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Twitter vs. RSS, the Early Results are In...

Twitter vs. RSSBack in November, I created a Twitter account as a social media experiment of sorts. At the time, I was most interested in Twitter as an RSS feed alternative. Would people follow me on Twitter instead of subscribing to my RSS feed?

It only took a few months for the number of people following me on Twitter to exceed the number of people subscribed to my RSS feed. Here are the totals this morning.

117 Twitter followers
104 RSS subscribers

I swear by my RSS feeds, but I've noted the hesitancy of the "average joe" in adopting this form of syndication. Twitter, on the other hand, seems to be more user friendly... less intimidating.

I have two questions for the readers here... 1) Do you use Twitter? 2) Do you use RSS?

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