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Can We Talk About Instagram?

As Elon works to destroy the Twitter I once loved, I'm aggressively looking for an alternative. One obvious place to look is Meta's own Instagram.

Instagram is probably my least favourite social media app of the ones I use, because it seems the most disingenuous. Much of it is so highly curated it barely resembles reality. I'm allergic to bullshit, and I do a lot of scrachin' while perusing Insta.

A mandatory prerequisite for posting on Instagram is an actual image. This is annoying, but I could work with it except for a far more annoying rule on Instagram. On Instagram, there is no linking.

"Link in bio" is a common sentence on Instagram because the bio is the one place you can link out to another page. Earlier today, I shared the photo of Rick Campanelli we took after his second appearance on Toronto Mike'd. Then, I left a comment, with a link to hear that episode. The link is literally a url in plain text. One could have to copy the link and paste it into a web browser. WTF?

The complete lack of linking is why Instagram is not a Twitter alternative. My search continues...

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