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17 and Out: A Toronto Tradition Ends


Now that both Humble and Fred have publicly stated it, I can finally write this entry.  There will be no 18th Annual Humble & Fred Christmas show.  Not on the radio or in podcast form.  After 17 years, this annual Toronto tradition has come to an end.

Fans of the show will tell you this streak wasn't really in tact anyway.  Back in 1991 Humble was at CKFM-FM while Fred was still at CFNY and in 2005 the show went on without Fred who had been relieved of his duties at Mix 99.9.  Still, we all got together for the 18th annual show last December, against all odds, and it felt awfully special.

That's right, I said "we".  I was invited to Dan Duran's house that Saturday morning we recorded the podcast and I took a bunch of pictures.  Although I've known there would be no 18th Christmas show for some time, I had no idea I was witnessing the end of an era on December 16, 2006.  At the time, I assumed we'd be doing it all again in December 2007.  I was wrong.

As a fan, this truly sucks.  The on-air chemistry between Humble Howard and Freddie P was awesome.  They complemented each other so well, and watching them do their thing was like watching a long-time married couple complete each other's sentences.  As a fan, I think it stinks that I can't hear another podcast and laugh my ass off.

On a personal level, it saddens me.  I've grown quite close to Howard, we chat often about a variety of subjects and hook up whenever possible, and lately I've spent more time chatting with Fred and getting to know him.  Both guys are solid citizens with unique talents and it would be a treat to watch them share a mic one more time.  I root for both in their post-Humble & Fred careers, but it's tough when you think they're better when they're together.  Like a long-time marriage, it's not necessarily forever.  They've moved on, and so must we.

As I mentioned last month, I secured a complete backup of the old and I'm hosting it for posterity's sake.  You can revisit the 17th Annual Christmas Show web page and listen to last year's podcast.  You can stream it from that page, subscribe to the podcast or download the MP3.  I covered all the bases.  Trust me, it's a year old, but it's still hilarious.  And now, it's bitter sweet.

Below is me, Bingo Bob,  Fred Patterson, Dan Duran, Scary Bald Headed Pete and Humble Howard Glassman after we recorded the 17th and final Humble & Fred Christmas Show on December 16, 2006.

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