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Fearless Fred Really, Really Hates Me

I just listened to today's episode of Humble and Fred Radio. At about the 30 minute mark, between some typically hilarious banter and a great performance by 54-40, guest Fearless Fred from Edge 102 goes off on me.  You have to hear this 5:27 of audio to believe it.

Listen to Fearless Fred Go Off On Toronto Mike

As I was listening to Fearless Fred, I really felt for him.  He's clearly emotional and carrying a great deal of hate for this site and me.  Of course, as with any interview, a great deal of context is missing.  Before you decide to join Fearless Fred in hating me, please hear me out...

In May of 2009, Edge 102 fired a couple of very popular deejays.  Of course I wrote about it, Martin Streek was fired after working at CFNY forever.  I don't have to tell you what happened a couple of months later.  Martin Streek took his own life.

That was tragic, and in no way did I ever suggest Fearless Fred had anything to do with Martin Streek's suicide, but he was hired when Streek and Barry Taylor were fired, so I wrote about it.

I just re-read that entry, unedited since I first published it on August 8, 2009.  I didn't write anything negative about him at all.  I just broke the news he was coming from Edmonton and speculated as to where he'd be dropped in the lineup.  That's it until I read something he wrote about me on a comedy blog.  He went off on this blog because of some negative comments posted by readers.  Fearless Fred, it seems, attributes the opinions expressed in the comments to me.

I only wrote about Fearless Fred one other time. I admitted I don't know shit about radio, because I didn't dig Fred's schtick and thought Barry Taylor had the same schtick, only funnier.  I expressed my opinion, something I'm apt to do on this site.  There were no personal attacks, and no lines crossed.

And that's my final point to Fearless Fred.  I've never, ever written a single word about your wife or family.  I never cross that line.  I spoke about you as a radio host, a public figure, and merely commented on the situation at your radio station and your abilities as an on-air talent.

Fearless Fred really, really hates me, and that's a shame.  I think Humble's right... I think we'd hit it off and like each other.  It's just too bad Fred can't decipher between my words and actions and the opinions and actions of my readers.

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