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I've Been Farked

I just took a peek at my site stats for today and it seems I've been Farked. For this photoshop contest on,  Cornponebread submitted an image based on the infamous Libby's Zoodles can and included this note. There is a story behind this label. Click here to find
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Wise Bloguero

My Crocs Conundrum entry has been getting traffic today from this Spanish blog. Here's a copy and paste of the entry. Los Crocs no sólo son el calzado más feo de la historia de la Humanidad, también empieza a ser responsable de una plaga de lesiones por su uso en
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YouTube's Very Own mikeboon

Today's National Post column entitled "The city" is about that awkward video of Jane Pitfield being told by City TV they had declared David Miller the winner in last week's municipal election.  This happened approximately 90 seconds into the telecast. I'm linking to the article because it concludes on such
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