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Toronto Star Podcasting Article

Yesterday afternoon, the Toronto Star published an article entitled Canadian sports media hears the call of the podcast. It's written by Raju Mudhar, a journalist I had a brief phone conversation with a few weeks ago.

The article is about the plethora of mainstream sports media podcasts being launched in this country, featuring such luminaries as Bob McKenzie, James Duthie, and Bob Cole. Oh, and he mentions another podcast as well...

Raju actually refers to Toronto Mike'd as "the platonic ideal of podcasts". That's a tremendous quote, worthy of a tee shirt. At the very least it should be my new tagline.

Then he jokes: “Although now that guys like James Duthie are getting into it, I have no idea how we little guys are supposed to compete.”

I did say that as a joke, but it's not really a joke. As famous people like McKenzie, Jay and Dan and Duthie turn to podcasting, it's the independent home grown podcasts that suffer. That's just the way it is... unless you're the platonic ideal of podcasts.

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