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Toronto Mike Goes to Oshawa

I was invited to speak to a class of media students at Durham College today. Their instructor, Rita, has wisely introduced new media into the curriculum, so I was asked to speak about podcasting.

I have a rule... if I can bike to something, I'll do my very best to accommodate all such requests. Durham College is in North Oshawa and well out of my bike range, and although I considered a combination of Go Train and bike, driving made the most sense. So I broke my rule and drove. Obviously my rules aren't etched in stone.

It was a great pleasure talking podcasting with our future podcasters, even though the bulk of my references were before their time. I'm used to that. Here's proof nobody fell asleep.

Durham College

Since I came all that way, I had to drop by 94.9 The Rock to see my pal Bob Willette. Bob put me on the air and interviewed me, which means I made my GTA Rock Station debut. Appropriately enough, my segment was during the 90s Nooner.


It was worth the drive to Oshawa.

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