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Yacht Rock is Coming

The 21st Pandemic Friday episode of Toronto Mike'd with Stu Stone and Cam Gordon only just dropped, but there's already a buzz in the air about next week's episode. 22 weeks in the making, it's the Yacht Rock ep. If you've been following along with the musical mania, you know
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USS Turns 10

I've been digging USS for over a decade, so when lead singer and song writer Ashley Buchholz agreed to come on Toronto MIke'd in the early days, it was an absolute thrill. Here's episode 95 with Ash from USS. Tonight, I was invited to a private birthday party for the
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Guns N' Roses at the ACC - What a Setlist!

Guns N' Roses played for well over three hours last night and gave us everything that even smelled like a hit. Check out this setlist. It's So EasyMr. BrownstoneChinese DemocracyWelcome to the JungleDouble Talkin' JiveBetterEstrangedLive and Let DieRocket QueenYou Could Be MineNew RoseThis I LoveCivil WarYesterdaysProstituteComaSpeak Softly Love (Love Theme
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My Favourite Instrumental Songs

With apologies to Rush, here are a few of my all-time favourite instrumental songs. Add yours to the comments! Bonus points if you embed a YouTube video of the song. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Pretty Little Ditty The Allman Brothers Band - Jessica Dick Dale and the Deltones -
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Roots of the 6ix

When I learned Dream Warriors, Michie Mee and Maestro Fresh-Wes were performing at Nathan Phillips Square tonight, I knew I had to be there. They called it Roots of the 6ix and it all started at the kid-friendly time of 6:30pm. I absolutely loved And Now the Legacy Begins,
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Redemption Song

Bob Marley released Redemption Song in late 1980, mere months before his death. It's a powerful song that always struck a chord with me. "Emancipate yourself from mental slavery" is Marley making Marcus Garvey's words immortal. I love the song, but my go-to version isn't Marley, it's Joe Strummer. Joe
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Of Curried Soul and Edwin Starr

I was just watching the Raptors lose to the Bulls, and caught a Gatorade ad featuring Usain Bolt, Dwayne Wade and others called "Moving the Game Forward". As ads go, it was pretty cool, but it was the distinctive music that captured my attention. I was hearing "Curried Soul" by
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Hidden Tracks

Do you remember the first time you spun Nirvana's Nevermind? I do. I'd pop it in the CD player, and after "Something in the Way", I'd start it again. At some point I realized there was a whack of time left in the final track, after "Something in the Way"
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