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The Tea Party and Moist at History

Last night, I biked all the way to the east end for my first concert at History Toronto, located at 1663 Queen Street East. I saw Moist and The Tea Party, a couple of 90s alt-rock Canadian bands. FOTM The Human Kebob, 50% of the now defunct Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker, warmed up the crowd before each set.

Admittedly, 90s Cancon alt-rock is my sub-genre of choice, but I had only ever seen these bands as part of larger bills at various festivals, usually Edgefests. It seemed to me that back in the days I was attending every Edgefest, The Tea Party and Moist would take turns participating. I've always linked the two bands in my mind.

Moist was great. They closed with Push, and as I screamed out the lyrics, I felt 20 years old again.

The Tea Party, a band I always found a little pretentious, blew me away. Again, I had only ever seen them as one of several bands at a festival, but Jeff Martin seems to have become self aware and he was charming AF last night.

Acoustically, everything sounded great, and although the price of the two cans of Stella was exorbitant, that's the going rate for this time machine we call music.

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