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Is River A Christmas Song?

Last night, my wife started streaming Sisters, a new Canadian-Irish co-production. The first episode features The Pogues's version of Dirty Old Town.

That got me thinking about The Pogues, and I started singing Fairytale of New York. I thought to myself, "this is the only Christmas song I can enjoy in May!"

But that depends... Is Joni Mitchell's River a Christmas song? I can enjoy that gem 12 months a year.

River literally opens with Jingle Bells and has plenty of Christmas content. The story, without a doubt, takes place at Christmastime.

If River is deemed a Christmas song, there are two such songs I can enjoy in May. And yes, I realize this is the second weekend in a row I wrote about a song from Joni's excellent album Blue. Here's last weekend's brain dump about This Flight Tonight.

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