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George Pasher

On Thursday night, we held #TMLXX at Great Lakes Brewery in south Etobicoke. In addition to tasty craft beer we enjoyed delicious Italian food, courtesy of Palma Pasta, and fantastic music, courtesy of Meredith Lazowski, Rob Preuss, Blair Packham and Daniel Greaves.

We were on the GLB lawn, leaving the retail store and patio for Thursday night regulars. One local who popped in to buy some fresh craft beer was George Pasher, but George heard a voice emanating from the lawn that he could not ignore.

George heard Danny Greaves, lead singer for The Watchmen, as he sang four songs to wrap up a wonderful event. It's impossible not to be impressed by Danny's pipes, but George would know. George Pasher is a country & western singer from Nova Scotia who often recorded duets with wife June Pasher.

Here's George Pasher covering Merle Haggard's "I Take A Lot Of Pride In What I Am" in 1968.

Are you sitting down, because here's a mind blow for ya... That YouTube page has one comment, left four months ago, and the person who left that comment also appeared at #TMLXX.

This commenter was at #TMLXX

Here's George Pasher and Rob Preuss at TMLXX.

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