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Margie Hendrix Blew My Mind via Rudy Huxtable

Yes, Bill Cosby did awful things, and is an awful person, but I believe in giving credit where credit is due so I'd like to thank The Cosby Show for introducing me to Ray Charles way back in '85.

Specifically, The Cosby Show introduced me to "(Night Time Is) The Right Time" and when Rudy lip synched the Margie Hendrix part..... wow. Breathtaking. It still takes my breath away.

The story of Margie Hendrix, who steals "(Night Time) Is The Right Time" from Ray, father of her child, is rather tragic. She'd pass away on July 14, 1973, at the young age of 38. The official cause of her death is unknown due to a lack of evidence, and no autopsy was performed.

Before becoming a member of the Raelettes, she was in the Cookies. Here's their #9 hit "In Paradise".

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