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NFL Regular Season Debut in Toronto


Ten years ago, this would have been a huge day for me.  My favourite NFL team is calling the stadium formerly known as SkyDome home for a game that actually counts in the standings.  At 4pm today it's the Buffalo Bills vs. Miami Dolphins, live from the Rogers Centre.

I'll probably tune in for a bit, a novelty first in my own backyard, but I don't really care.  It's not like it's the Toronto Bills... we're just borrowing Buffalo's team to make a bunch of rich guys richer and officially extend the boundaries of Bills Country.  I'm not even sure I want the Toronto Bills for fear that would be the final blow to our CFL.  If it comes down to the CFL vs. NFL, my heart's decided.

Maybe I'm just bitter because I felt mislead by the so-called ticket lottery.  Maybe  I'm still upset that Flutie didn't start the Music City Miracle game.  Maybe this game just makes me, as a Torontonian, feel a little used.  After all, this ain't Buffalo.

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