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Virgin Radio 999 FM


If you're a virgin, you finally have a radio station that caters to your sense of celibacy.  Oh wait, I think I'm reading this press release wrong.  It seems Mix 99.9 is being re-branded today.  It's "the launch of the first North American commercial FM radio station under license with Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Radio International".

Astral Media has been busy this summer.  They own Mix 99.9, now Virgin Radio 999, and EZ-Rock, which recently introduced a new morning show featuring Humble Howard, Kim Stockwood, Colleen Rusholme and Rick Hodge.

That's right, they finally unveiled Rick Hodge as the mystery fourth member of the EZ Morning Show.  Rick Hodge was part of the Roger, Rick and Marilyn behemoth that's aired on CHUM FM for the past few decades.  He's also going to be a part of the Bill Carroll Morning Show on Astral's CFRB 1010.

Last year I visited The Jim Richards show on CFRB and took a stroll down the hall to see where 99.9 and EZ Rock broadcast from, and they're all literally on the same floor of the same building.  All three have introduced significant changes this summer.  If you're keeping score at home, here are the highlights, or the lowlights, depending on your perspective.

  • Stu Jeffries is out as host of EZ Rock's morning show
  • Humble, Kim and Rick have joined Colleen to form the EZ Morning Show on EZ Rock
  • Rick Hodge has left 104.5 CHUM-FM for double duty on EZ Rock and CFRB 1010
  • Mix 99.9 is now Virgin Radio 999
  • Chris Biggs and Taylor Kaye now host "The Rush" on afternoons on Virgin Radio 999
  • Some guy named Ryan Seacrest will air evenings on Virgin Radio 999

At least Astral has some good content for the billboards they own.

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