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Double Knock-Out


Our first regular season in the Comp division of the RSPA has ended and now it's playoff time. Tonight we throw it down OBA-style with double knock-out rules.

That means we play two games and they add up the scores to determine the winner.  If we're tied plus-minus after two complete games we must start a third game tie-breaker, starting with new lineup and new courtesy runners,but using the International Tie-Breaker Rule.  That means the last batter in the batting order from game 2 will start as a baserunner on second base, and there will be one out.  We then play one inning at a time until there is a winner.

Last season, when we were in the highest intermediate division, we had a great playoff run, won the division and earned the right to compete with the best teams in Comp.  If we win tonight, we extend the season one more week, and that's incentive enough to kick some ass.  I'll leave the final word to Mr. T.

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