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In Praise of the Hot Dog


Sunday afternoon, as I roasted a hot dog over a blazing hot bonfire, I couldn't wait to slip it in a bun and chow down.  Hot dogs might not be good for us, but damn it's one tasty food.

I've always loved hot dogs and sausages.  Nothing tastes better after a ball game, hockey game or concert.  When it's 2am and you're hungry, it's the perfect food.  Hot dogs and sausages are Toronto's official street meats, and despite efforts to diversify our street food by adding samosas, souvlaki and spring rolls, the hot dog vendor will always be king in this town.

It's too bad they're so damn bad for us.  If you're questioning the existence of an omnipotent, wholly good Lord, think about this: would a wholly good, omnipotent God make something so bad for us so tasty?

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