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Listening to the second last live broadcast of Howard Stern's radio show on WBUF this morning I started thinking about my Toronto morning radio history.  I've been with Howard for about eight years but before that I spent time with several other morning shows in Toronto.  Here's a brief recount of where I've been.

Tom Rivers on 680 CFTR - As a young kid going to primary school my clock radio was set for 680 CFTR which played top 40 music.  Tom Rivers was the morning man and for years he entertained me before I headed off to St. Pius X.

Jesse and Gene on Q107 - As I got a little older and became a pre-teen, my tastes changed from top 40 to a harder rock sound.  Jesse and Gene hosted the Q Morning Zoo and I listened to their program for a while until they left Q107 for AM radio.

Brother Jake Edwards on Q107 - When Jesse and Gene left Q107 I stayed put for their new morning guy Brother Jake Edwards.  Brother Jake was great and introduced me to a character that would entertain me for many mornings, The Champ.  I wrote about The Champ here.

Humble and Fred on CFNY Edge 102 - In the early 90s, my tastes in music changed again and I left Q107 for CFNY.  Humble and Fred would be my morning show of choice for many years afterwards, always entertaining with their banter and always playing the best music on Toronto radio.  I wrote about Humble and Fred here and here.

Howard Stern on Q107 and WBUF - Tomorrow ends the Howard Stern era for me.  It's been a sweet ride.  I've written about Howard here, here, here, here, here, and here.

???? - What's the next chapter of my Toronto morning radio history going to look like?  There's always the tunes on CFNY Edge 102, but the hosts gab way too much and are as annoying as hell.  Do we really need to have another useless unfunny conversation with Eduardo?  There's Metro Morning on CBC, but that can be dry if it's not a topic I'm into.  I can spend ten minutes or so at the Fan590 for a sports update and discussion with a hockey insider, but that's not a permanent solution to my problem.

I'll probably replace Howard with my iRiver H10.

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